What Parents Say

"I felt so relaxed after the Hypnobirthing class with Liz. She made me and my husband feel very relaxed and was very professional.At First I was very skeptical about what hypnobirthing could do for us but as I suffered from anxiety I thought I would give it a go. I am so pleased that I did because I felt completely in control of my birth experience. Hypnobirthing doesn't just help with giving birth.I truly believe it has helped me be a more calm Mum and I have taken motherhood in my stride.Our midwife was very pleased and impressed that I had done hypnobirthing.

On asking my husband his point of view, he felt that it was great knowing more of what to expect and being able to help at the birth and not feeling helpless"


Rebecca & Keith First time parents, Sept 2017

I can't thank you enough for all your help and support over the last few months. You put my mind at rest on so many occasions when I started to worry and I though back to conversations we had had. I was much more relaxed during my pregnancy this time . I really couldn't have had a better birthing experience. My recovery has been immense. From the off I have felt calm and able to cope with whatever issues crop up. My little girl is testament to this. I will be your biggest advocate for hypnobirthing and know it is something I will use over and over again in different circumstances"


Emma - second time Mum, Sept 2017

"Hypnobirthing changed my life completely! It turned the biggest fear of my life into the most empowering experience of my life"

Sophia, Mother

" For me, hypnobirthing has the right mix of science, experience, common sense and wisdom"

Chris, Father

" Hypnobirthing makes a huge positive impact on the birth experience and all women should be encouraged to embrace it. I believe the training has a wider impact than just the birth providing a life skill"

Kim, Midwife