I am a qualified midwife in East London.My first experience of hypnobirthing happened on a night shift on labour ward when I was allocated the care of a lady who was using hypnobirthing. Luckily, I had read a little about the method and I knew not to interfere! I was blown away by how she was totally focussed on her body and worked with it to have a truly wonderful, calm, gentle birth.This experience ignited a passion in me to empower women to believe that their bodies have been designed to give birth efficiently and comfortably.Partners too need to know they have a big role to play in supporting the woman to stay focussed and in control. Hypnobirthing provides the tools for both women and their partners to believe in their own inate ability.
Additionally, the skills gained through doing the hypnobirthing training will be useful in many and varied circumstances.I have a fear of flying and use hypnotherapy with great effect.
I live in Chingford and have one son.
I love to travel, cycle and generally enjoy life